customizable mouse pad

Customizable Mouse Pad


Tired of working with that raggedy old mousepad that you’ve had for years that is so tore up your mouse keeps messing up? Ok maybe it’s not that dramatic. Maybe you just have an ugly mouse pad and you want a customizable mouse pad made by your favorite designer…YOU!!

Product Description

Ready for a mouse pad that’s just for you? Do you find yourself needing some extra inspiration while you work “just one more hour” on the computer? Make your own customizable mouse pad with your favorite inspirational quote.

Better yet. Do you mind your kids and your grandkids being the cause of constant smiles? Now you can add their gorgeous faces on your own mouse pad so you have something to smile about every time you sit down at the computer.

Hey, combine them both together and you have smiling inspiration! This is your customizable mouse pad so make it your style of perfect.

Guide for Customizable Mouse Pad

We understand that creating your own customizable mouse pad is a bit tricky, but we want to help make it as easy as possible. On the right side of design area you will see a camera, an A, and a picture icon. The camera lets you add your own pictures through your computer, Instagram, or Facebook. The “A” lets you add font and the picture icon shows you available ready made designs just for you.

Once you select and add any of these items to your new customizable mouse pad you will be given options to resize, change, and alter everything. We suggest you play around with getting the design process just the way you want. No worries on breaking it and we tried to make it as easy as possible but it’s still got a learning curve.

You will see that you can only add graphic inside of the blue box. This is your printing area. #1 rule is have fun making your customizable mouse pad and if you need help always feel free to contact us.


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