Christmas Season is Here

Christmas season is coming! My favorite time of year is upon us. Snow flakes will be falling, sleds will be pulled out for the kids to adventure on, and the Christmas spirit will begin to spread. There is no other time of year when everyone joins to gather in happiness quite like Christmas.

As a Christmas fanatic one of my favorite things is making each year incredibly special to my children. This year is going to be amazing. We are decorating our Christmas tree with custom ornaments with their name and year on them made just for them. There will also be treats left for Santa for milk and cookies. They will each have a stocking hung for the with their own name on it to fill with treats for them. Our 3 youngest will also wake up Christmas morning to a sack from Santa addressed just to them. And our day will be filled with love and happiness as Christmas should be.

There will also be Christmas Hats worn, ugly sweaters galore, and so much more. If you aren’t feeling the Christmas joy yet but want to spread some spirit you need to see this hat. This handmade hat will help you wish everyone a “Merry F*#@ing Christmas”. I am sure you could manage to get a few smiles from others while you wear it.  I hope you are prepared to truly enjoy your Christmas. I know I can’t wait. I love bringing you custom happiness everyday of the year, but at Christmas there is a different level of passion. If I can help bring you Christmas joy this year or help you spread it to others please contact me. I want you to smile.


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